An acknowledgement for our Pico de Paperis

An acknowledgement for our Pico de Paperis

In the photograph: on May 25th at Figline Valdarno, at the Grand Tour of the Hills Award Exhibit 2013 – FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations), Gigi Lusini, also known as Pico de Paperis, was bestowed with the BFI, an honorary award for Italian Photography.


“…over the years, his great intellectual and technical preparation allows
him to hold advanced classes on various topics in a variety of photographic courses, write articles for various publications, contribute on the graphic design layout for books and exhibitions. As a sign of appreciation for his many years of commitment to Photography”.


It’s a great honor for us that Gigi Lusini writes on our website: his photography magazine is a responsible and knowledgeable contribution
to this universal topic.