Easter in Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley

Easter in Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley

To experience a traditional Easter holiday, here are the four must-see events taking place in Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley.


April 14th in Barga

It’s a festive holiday on Palm Sunday, after the Holy Mass, in the picturesque village with the traditional market of handicrafts and antique trade. The “Antichi giochi pasquali” (ancient Easter games) take place, a revisitation of the games of yesteryear like rotolino, which consists in making your decorated Easter egg roll along
small sand tracks prepared especially for the occasion, the sack race and the cart race.


April 18th in Castiglione di Garfagnana

Very suggestive and shrouded in a halo of mystery, the Processione de’ Crocioni is a religious procession, a ceremony dating back to very ancient times.

A man from Castiglione, whose identity remains totally secret, offers to impersonate Christ in sign of repentance or as a vow, carrying a large
cross along arduous town roads, dressed only in a white robe, barefoot, chained, a crown of thorns and a hood over his head in order not to reveal his face. The representatives of the fraternities follow him, they, too,
hooded, in a simulation of the journey to Calvary.

The evening starts at 8 pm from the Church of San Michele with the celebration of the Holy Mass, the symbolic foot-washing ceremony and the last supper with the twelve Apostles. At the end of the Mass, in a silence broken only by the drumbeats of the Roman soldiers and by the sound of
the chains on Jesus’ feet, the betrayal takes place with the Kiss of Juda
and the Arrest of Christ by the soldiers who place the cross on his shoulders.


April 19th in Coreglia Antelminelli 

An atmosphere suspended in time for the Holy Friday procession in Coreglia, one of the most heartfelt events of the Easter week in
Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley. The town’s inhabitants participate with traditional songs and decorate the sides of the roads with flowers and candles. The procession leaves from the Church of San Rocco at 8.30 pm, stops at the Chiesa del Crocifisso – just outside the town where the Holy Sepulcher is set up – to arrive at the Church of San Michele, considered a true treasure chest of art (it was built in the year 1000 near
the fortress and the tower, later transformed into a bell tower. Inside is a beautiful wooden crucifix dating back to the 15th century).


April 22nd in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

To conclude the appointments scheduled for the Easter period in the Serchio Valley, “Pasquetta tra le nuvole”, an event based on the theme of the air.

In the historic centre and at the Mont'Alfonso Fortress young and old alike can enjoy a pleasant Easter Monday outdoors, picnicking in the open air. Weather permitting, helicopter excursions are organized.