Talking about us…

Talking about us…

This time, it is Ansa Viaggiart on-line channel dedicated to travel &
tourism by who’s talking about us.


Six are the articles published for the Speciale Ciocco that span from the scenic countryside of the area and its gastronomic excellences, passing through history and culminating with the overview of the three must-see events scheduled for July and August between Barga and Castelvecchio.


From the Il Ciocco and Serchio Valley expeirence the beauty of this
territory, that takes its name from the river crossing it, are illustrated to culminate on the Il Ciocco's Living Mountain to reflect and admire the
view on the Il Ciocco's Living Moutain. "A place of hospitality […]but also a place where one can feel centuries-old family values and traditions. From the chestnut groves planted for timber and for their fruits, to the terraced vineyards and olive groves, from the mountain pastures to the ‘metati’ (huts where the chestnuts were left to dry) […] to the old elementary school and rural villages of times gone by.”