Gallicano is all ready to go for the San Jacopo Palio

Gallicano is all ready to go for the San Jacopo Palio

The San Jacopo Palio is back at Gallicano after a two year pause for the joy of all the “gallicanesi”. 

Everyone is excited and anxious to find out who will win this year’s Palio.  It is all going to happen on  Thursday, July 25th , St. Jacopo Day patron saint of Gallicano, when the three  neighborhoods in which Gallicano is divided will contend  for the longed -for “cencio”!


It all begins at 9:00 p.m. with a gunshot sound which will signal the start of the Palio.   The three neighborhoods that go by the names of Borgo Antico, Bufali and Monticello will parade through the town with their personal interpretation of the 2013 parade theme assigned by the Pro Loco, “And if tomorrow” .


A single theme which each contrada has developed, according to their personal vision, with sensational papier-mâché parade floats, fantastic costumes and captivating choreographies.


The “gallicanesi” already have an idea of who this year’s Palio winner should be, but we will have to wait for the six judge’s verdict on Thursday to officially find out who the winner is.  The judges are comprised of two journalists/authors, two parade float specialists and two costume designers/choreographers.  The participants will be evaluated on the theme interpretation, parade floats and parade.


May the best neighborhood win!