Another award for Puccinelli

Another award for Puccinelli

Another international recognition goes out to our friend and multi-award winning photographer, Alessandro Puccinelli.


Garbage Species, a pro-bono campaign to promote clean waters and clean beaches in Portugal, has been awarded “Best Ads of The Week”.


It all began with a project  on plastic  in collaboration with Billabong and Y&R Lisbon and from that outstanding attention to the environmental that has always stood out throughout  Alessandro Puccinelli’s career.


About the author.   Alessandro Puccinelli, a native of Pisa, lives between Italy and Portugal. His projects are characterized by a theme very dear to him: the ocean.  His work on the Serchio Valley (Lands of Tuscany - The Serchio Valley) was his first attempt to capture mountains on film. This was an authentic exploration conducted on various levels:  worlds, places, boundaries.