Dublab now at Il Ciocco

Dublab now at Il Ciocco

Important novelties at the Il Ciocco Estate.

At the end of the month, a new multi-purpose area under the management of actor and producer Alessandro Bertolucci was inaugurated.

It is the new location of Dublab Srl film productions and postsynch studio.


Film and TV productions and not only.

Many are the activities Dublab is involved in: from the “Doppio sorriso” dubbing lab projects to creation of audio products, from lessons in diction and public speaking to team building and other training courses.


“We decided to open here - explains Bertolucci -, because everything began right here with the first production ("The Little Hours") and because this is the ideal place with infinite potential for the synergies that can be developed. It took a little time to create all this, but the outcome is really promising.”