Norcini a Castello

Norcini a Castello

On 24 June, everyone should come to “Norcini a Castello”!


Ghivizzano Castello, a medieval village part of the municipality of Coreglia Antelminelli, is the venue of the 14th edition of “Norcini a Castello”.


The event organized by the master butchers of the Antica Norcineria is designed to take the visitor on a voyage of discovery of the many treasures that this land so rich in history, tradition and flavors has to offer.

The map distributed to visitors upon entry illustrates the position of the many food & wine treasures disseminated throughout the area.

The historical court featuring the ancient trades by the Gruppo Storico of Ghivizzano Castello and the games, live music and shows by the other associations of the territory serve as cadre to the culinary event.

Along with the food & wine tastings and the market, the renowned “polenta formenton ottofile”, Garfagnana IGP spelt,  Bazzone prosciutto, biroldo and soppressata cold cuts, sausage and other typical and genuine products fruit of the tradition of the territory of the Serchio Valley and of Garfagnana.


The programme:

11 am: market opens

12 noon: start of food & wine tastings

4 pm: historical court procession