The Serchio Valley is in Christmas preparation!

The Serchio Valley is in Christmas preparation!

With a rich calendar of events, the Serchio Valley is preparing for the Christmas season.


Castelnuovo di Garfagnana will present its "Presepe Vivente" on December 15th in the historical center.

On December 23rd come see the interpretation of the Nativity scene and the trades of the past with the “Presepe Vivente” of Barga, animated with more than 200 people dressed in period costume, the oldest of the Serchio Valley. 


Don’t miss the traditional appointment with the lighting of the Natalecci at Gorfigliano (Minucciano) on December 24th. It’s from time immemorial that when the evening falls on Christmas Eve, bonfires are lit hereat strategic points to be seen from all the villages of the area. These imposing structures, visible from a distance, reach considerable heights of more than 20 meters and are a complicated tangle and weave of juniper branches, collected from cleaning forest undergrowth.