Luigi Saracino, the exhibit at Il Ciocco

Luigi Saracino, the exhibit at Il Ciocco

“My paintings come to life from visions, impressions, memories of landscapes and other natural forms. The research of graphic elements and the need to combine words with images are also very important to me. Between brush strokes, verses of poetry appear which accompany my life and bind themselves to the meaning of my work. The images that I try to create originate from my fascination to grass and the wind, to colors and words”.


Luigi Saracino’s exhibit will continue through June 14 in La Cantinetta
at Il Ciocco


It is a solo exhibit with Luigi Saracino’s paintings on canvas and large
fabrics with acrylic, chalks and charcoal pencils.


The exhibit is open from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. 

Evening and weekend visits by appointment: cell. 339 6229858;