Puccinelli at Photomed 2016

Puccinelli at Photomed 2016

The 2016 edition of Photomed , inaugurated on January 20, offers a
tribute to various photographers in particular one very dear to the Il Ciocco, Alessandro Puccinelli.


Puccinelli, worldwide award-winning photographer, is present at the
Festival with his work on non-degradable plastic waste that is polluting
our oceans. ““I have glamorized these objects, like wounded soldiers returning from war, battered and bruised”, says the photographer. “I have idealized their wounds and have given them the aura of having survived storms, wind, rain, sun and salt.”


Founded in France, the project embraces artists from the countries of the Mediterranean Coast


Puccinelli, class of ’69, has been for many years a friend of the Il Ciocco
and among other things the author of the photos contained in the book “Lands of Tuscany: The Serchio Valley”a beautiful story of the landscapes and villages of the Valley and the Il Ciocco Living Mountain.