Lorenzo Malfatti exhibition at Ciocco

Lorenzo Malfatti exhibition at Ciocco

The exhibition of the artist Lorenzo Malfatti, from Viareggio, will open on Tuesday 13th August in the historic setting of Cantinetta del Ciocco – on the Locanda level of the estate - and will remain open until Sunday 15th September.

“Lorenzo Malfatti started with the unconscious intention of stopping and listening to his own desert, losing himself, there, alone, without any iconographic references – say illustrious critics, highlighting that the underlying theme of the exhibition is the artist’s creativity -.

Malfatti listened, collected, reported, signs, scraps of memories, fragments of existence, signifier and signified, with the enlightened humility of those who believe that everythingisand will still be.

The result is visible in these works that restore, re-establish, remind and finally suggest the aesthetic of a new candor that seems to emerge from a never-ending beginning and from an endless end”. 


About the author. Lorenzo Malfatti was born in 1959 in Viareggio (Lucca), where he still lives, working near Lake Massaciuccoli, immersed in nature and in the company of his horses. From the mid-1990s he began his exhibition career, which after a long period of study and experimentation with glass, led him to collaborate with several galleries in Tuscany, Venice and abroad.  He has more than 40 exhibitions between collective and personal, and in 2011 he participated in the Venice Biennale at the Tuscany pavilion.


For further information 0583 719401