"Lucchesi nel Mondo" at Il Ciocco

"Lucchesi nel Mondo" at Il Ciocco

Friday 8 September Visit by a delegation from the “Associazione Lucchesi nel Mondo” at Il Ciocco Estate.


The initiative, born from the collaboration with the “Confindustria Coordinamento per l'Imprenditoria Femminile” (agency promoting female entrepreneurship) and the Municipality of Barga, constituted the chance for about 50 our fellow citizens residing abroad to get acquainted first-hand with the characteristics and the history of the Estate, chosen as symbol of excellence in the realm of tourism in our territory.


Welcoming the delegation, led by the Association’s President Ilaria Del Bianco and by Councilor Franca Severini, were Senator Andrea Marcucci, the Mayor of Barga Marco Bonini, Ciocco’s Managing Director Andrea Barbuti and the General Manager of Renaissance Tuscany Georges Midleje, who accompanied the group on a visit through the premises.


“Our common thread is particularly solid”, stated the Senator in his greetings to the participants. “We tenaciously share the identity, the love for Lucca and for its towns. The association is the symbol of this bond that grows year after year, generation after generation”.