The Fish Exhibit – from Barga to Talamone

The Fish Exhibit – from Barga to Talamone

The Fish Exhibit (September 1 – 7,  Piazza Angelio - Barga) is something completely far from the traditional concept of exhibition.


It’s an interactive workshop that wants to raise awareness on the fight against the trawling fishing method  and the distruction it causes to the ocean floor.


It’s a fisherman's proposal (it is Paolo we are talking about this time, not Pietro) that, after being a key actor on a Tuscany ARPAT project, asks a large group of artists to actively contribute to something he really cares about: the defence of the underwater world.


The initiative involves 10 artists and 15 marble blocks (donated by Michelangelo's marble quarry in Carrara) which will be taken 50 mt under the sea level.


Sculptures that can speak in defence of the seabed. Art as an instrument of redemption without manipulation of society. Small geographical areas that join together for an ambitious project.


The international well known artist from Rome, Massimo Catalani, born in 1960, after Villa Torlonia, will create in the old town of Barga his second work for the underwater sculpture park off the coast of Talamone.