The city walls of Lucca open up to the world

The city walls of Lucca open up to the world

Lucca is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of its most outstanding landmark: the City Walls.

In September the city walls will celebrate 500 years: an existing document of 25th September 1513 states the decision of The Government of the Republic of Lucca to start the demolition of the houses, the churches and the trees around the city walls, as they were at that time, to create the ramparts that we can still admire today.


Getting ready for September, the month when the celebrations will officially start, the Municipality of Lucca and Opera delle Mura are also organising several previews and events to give a taste of how the year of the 500th anniversary will be. The aim is to have celebrations at an international level but above all capable of involving the local community. The initiatives will be transversal and will have to meet the interest of any age and population group: from children to adults, up to academics.


There will be several types of events, mainly cultural and educational ones: exhibitions, conventions, concerts and initiatives for students of all levels. On the topic, we have talked with President Alessandro Biancalana who took office few months ago.



Born in Ravenna, Biancalana is now living in Lucca where his family comes from. Porcelain expert, he has shown particular interest for the Marquise Ginori’s Factory at Doccia for about 25 years. From the final drafting of the exhibition catalogue that took place at Palazzo Reale in Pisa, in 1998, he has done numerous researches and taken part in exhibitions and conventions in Italy and England.