The Befana comes at night...

The Befana comes at night...

On the 6th of January, if you wish to meet the Befana, come to Barga where the little old lady lives in a small wooden house near Pegnana, she will be there and glad to see you.  There will be sweets, candy and gifts for the children, prepared by the friends of the Association
"Because the Tradition May Live On
" for a magical afternoon.


The Epiphany, according to tradition, will begin with a visit from the Befana to Barga when she will come to the town in the afternoon of 5th January. 

From 3.00 p.m. on Saturday, groups of  people dressed up as Befane will go through the streets of the city singing the traditional songs. The Befana, surrounded by children dressed as befanine and befanottini, will reach the historic center where she will distribute gifts and hugs to all.


With nightfall, the festivity will continue in piazza Angelio, at L'Osteria, and in the Il Ciocco Estate at Locanda Alla Posta.