Kendo Seminar at Il Ciocco

Kendo Seminar at Il Ciocco

From Friday June 30 until Sunday July 2, Il Ciocco’s Sport Village is hosting the Kendo Seminar reserved for  “Kodansha” (minimum grade 5 dan for at least 4 years).

It is not the first time that practitioners of this fascinating Japanese martial art meet up at Il Ciocco.


This past April, our sports facilities hosted the Italian Junior Championships and the “Stage Giovanissimi and Juniors”.

The events are sponsored by the Italian Kendo Federation.


Kendō, "the way of the sword", embodies the essence of Japanese fighting arts. Kendō developed under a strong influence of Zen Buddhism, where the Samurai fought with disregard for his own life in the heat of battle. Kendō is practiced wearing a traditional Japanese style of clothing, protective armor and using one or, less commonly, two shinai (swords).