In pursuit of the Autumn colours

In pursuit of the Autumn colours

The mountain and nature photography have always been an integral part of the life of Alessandra Fiori, originally from Piazza al Serchio, in the very heart of the Garfagnana.

Nature guide since 1990, she has participated in many projects between the natural park of the Apuan Alps and that of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.


“Through the years, I have collaborated with LIPU (the Italian League for Bird Protection) and was responsible for the Natural Oasis of Campocatino, organizing events such as the release of birds of prey and the mushroom expo. I also took part in several initiatives focused on environmental education and on an initial approach to photography, designed for every age group.”


Alessandra – a calm, soothing voice and deep green eyes – tells us about her experience, her nature interests, and about the excursion that she has the pleasure of guiding every Tuesday in the Living Mountain of Il Ciocco.


“It is a nature-photography excursion. We can witness the renewal and the changes in the woodlands taking place at every season, but autumn is the season that most surprises us with its explosion of color. A rich color palette that turns the woodlands into a veritable photography set - explains Alessandra excitedly -. Through the excursion In pursuit of the Autumn colours we will discover the most suggestive niches of a forest that in this season is more enchanted than ever".

An excursion on foot designed for everyone, to breathe in the air of the woodlands and choose the best angles for taking photographs (participants should bring a smartphone or camera with them).


"Il Ciocco’s Living Mountain, with the Apennine mountain chain behind it and the view of the Apuan Alps before it, is a true balcony onto the Serchio Valley - concludes Alessandra -. What territory is better poised to serve as the focus of the camera?”