Discover the pleasure of healthy eating with Stefania

Discover the pleasure of healthy eating with Stefania

Stefania Daniele is a bio veg chef and currently teaches at the “Gioia di Vivere di Lucca”, cooking school that since 1992 proposes cooking courses and natural therapies, self-shiatsu and horticulture.

Personal chef for a health-conscious and cruelty-free diet, on her personal blog you can find useful tips for a healthy lifestyle.


D. “Detox” - genuine cooking: this is the name of the culinary experience you hold every Wednesday at the renovated Locanda Alla Posta at Il Ciocco…

R. A lab dedicated to awakening the senses. This is the right time of the year to dedicate ourselves to purifying our body, and the rebirth of Nature brings with it new energy and invites us to follow healthier eating habits. Vegetables typical of the spring season can reactivate our metabolism: I am referring to the zero-km foods available in our gardens and fields with properties that help drain, reduce bloating and purify our organism.

If the weather allows, we will take walks looking for the spontaneous herbs found in open fields – known as “erbi” in Tuscany – that grow luxuriantly in this period of the year. The most famous is the nettle, a true “superfood” rich in minerals and calcium, detoxifying for the liver, to be eaten exclusively after cooking. The most diffused is the dandelion, with its bitter and pungent taste, purifying, diuretic and digestive properties, great to be eaten raw to enrich salads. I use it in the kitchen also for its beautiful and delicious yellow flowers that add a touch of color to the presentation of any dish.

Many are the herbs that we can find on the Living Mountain, thanks to the fact that it is far away from sources of pollution such as roads, factories and intensive livestock farms.


D. A lab that gratifies the body but also creativity, where everyone can experiment with their abilities…

R. Natural cooking labs are a unique chance to get acquainted with the secrets of Tuscan tradition and its more modern variants. Recipes that have been handed down through generations, revisited and adapted to our modern frenetic lifestyle, or left in their original version to appreciate their simplicity. Often the participants at my lessons remain surprised at the speed and ease with which these complete and super-nutritious recipes come to life. It is a lesson in re-educating the palate – all too stimulated by ready-made foods, rich in salt or refined sugars – and start off again from whole, fresh, organic ingredients.

The Living Mountain’s cooking lab will be like a small trip inside the flavors, smells and colors to present on the table, a panacea for the body and mind, where each participant can experiment and put their creative abilities to the test and enjoy healthy, wholesome foods.


D. A true passion for detox cooking. How was it born?

R. I am a lover of good food, in the true sense of the word; I appreciate all beneficial foods that help us maintain a state of psychological and physical wellness. My passion stems from here, together with my “mission” to help everyone understand that a “useful” or “therapeutic” food is absolutely delicious and can become the main ingredient in exquisite dishes.