Even the bees vacation at Il Ciocco

Even the bees vacation at Il Ciocco

This year, as every year, dr. Pescia’s bees are vacationing at Il Ciocco!


Dr. Pescia’s Beekeeping hives, using the nomadism technique, are in fact moved from the Rosignano Marittimo beekeeping center, located on the Etruscan Coast approximately 5 km from the sea, to all of Tuscany's seasonally flowering zones for the production of mono-flower honeys
(i.e. derived from the flowering of a single plant: sulla, sunflower, rosemary etc…) and honeydew honey.


For over five years, Dr. Pescia's beekeeping, with the highest number of hives in all of Tuscany, chooses our Living Mountain to produce a variety of honeys: acacia, chestnut and honeydew (a particular kind of honey because it is not made from blossom nectar but created from the
secretions of aphids and other bugs feeding on plant sap).


The Il Ciocco honey (125g, 250g, 500g) and cosmetic products are on sale at the information point of the Estate.