The Taste of Tradition

The Taste of Tradition

The pasimata, commonly known as “crescenta” or “schiaccia”, is a
simple cake which is traditionally prepared solely during the Easter period.


At one time, after the period of Lent, homemaker prepared differenct types of sweets made by “schiacciando” (flattening) dozens of eggs accumulated during the days of fasting and self-denial. This is the reason why our traditions have so many “schiacciate”, that are really not so flat after all! Instead they are made with leavened dough, more or less flavoured with liquors, herbs and spices.


Several days of preparation are needed involving several leavening stages and dough mixtures. The Garfagnina version of the pasimata calls for
eggs and raisins. Aesthetically it looks like a panettone: high and round, brown in color, dark on the surface and golden on the inside.


The Schiaccia is a ritual bread that, at one time, had a precise religious significance; a bread that was to be divided among everyone in the name of fraternal communion. On Holy Saturday, the pasimata and the eggs
were brought to church to be blessed.


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