Stefania's Colours (2)

Stefania's Colours (2)

On May 7th, 2016, Stefania Adami, a resident of Gallicano born in 1962, received the prestigious “Insigne Fotografa Italiana” (Illustrious Italian Photographer) honor in the city of Merano. She is the first woman to receive this important recognition, bestowed on artists who, through their photographs, have demonstrated great personality in documentary, narrative and/or creative abilities.

Stefania’s works are mentioned in reviews featured in authoritative photography magazines, they are displayed in exhibitions all over Italy, and praised and rewarded by experts in photography. Recently she was chosen as the testimonial for Samsung for a journey into the sphere of volunteer work in Italy (Tanti per Tutti).


Her very original work entitled L’aspetto in Volontario (2016) portrays people near to us, from Gallicano and Castelnuovo, from Pieve Fosciana and Fornaci di Barga, in a sequence of two photo shots. The first shot is intentionally anonymous; we do not know the subject, although we know their job, what they do in life. In the second shot we discover an untold side of one of our colleagues, of the owner of our favorite shop, of the person from our very own town, engaged during his free time in an important voluntary activity.


In the photograph: Manuela Adami, post office clerk and long time volunteer at the Misericordia di Gallicano, since 2006 manager of the project “No Spreco” that helps needy families through the re-distribution of unsold or unsellable products offered by Conad supermarket in Gallicano.


(To be continued...)