Hotel Universo in Lucca

Hotel Universo in Lucca

In addition to the Renaissance Tuscany located at Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Barga, the largest hotel chain in the world has added a hotel in Lucca becoming the newest addition to the Marriott Brands Hotels.


The new addition is the Hotel Universo, perfectly located in the historical center of Lucca. The Universo was auctioned on January 26 and
purchased by Shaner Italy and the Marcucci family, who took over the hotel from the "Profilo Toscana" Company.


The Palazzo was built in the 16th century and today is one of the historical monuments of the ancient medieval town of Lucca. It is centrally located, inside the circle of trees as described by the poet Gabriele d’Annuzio, opposite the eighteenth-century Teatro del Giglio and the splendid
Palazzo Ducale.


In 1856 it was known as the “Locanda Universo e Tosca” and became a hotel only a year later. Many of the guests include great names from Italian and international opera and theatre who performed on the stage of the theatre opposite the hotel. The building still maintains the graceful rooms, elegant halls and the tranquil and stylish atmosphere of times gone by.


The rooms offer spectacular views of the Cathedral and Piazza
, with its long line of trees.


From the many stories of the hotel that are handed down, we would like to remember the one that that recounts of a reception in the presence King Vittorio Emanuele. On that occasion, the owner of the hotel approached the king by saying “Hello, I am the master of the universe”, “lucky you”,
said the king, “I am content to be the king of Italy”.