Hell's Gate 2013  The Victory of Graham Jarvis!

Hell's Gate 2013 The Victory of Graham Jarvis!

Graham Jarvis, (UK, Husaberg) wins for the third consecutive time,

Jonny Walker (UK, KTM), the winner of the morning qualifying Race, is second and Cody Webb (USA, Beta), is third




Incredible.  123 competitors at the starting gate.  In the morning, at the end of the preliminary competition, almost half of them were eliminated due to the difficulty of the race.


Only five pilots, the best riders of the tenth anniversary of Hell's Gate Metzeler, passed the final test at Hell’s Peak, the impossible ascent that finally closed the doors of Fabio Fasola’s Hell”.  The small task force was heroic and epic at the same time.  Graham Jarvis wins for the third consecutive time matching the previous record held by David Knight, the first, great, “infernal” Champion in the history of Hell’s Gate.  On the podium, alongside the English Husaberg Extreme Factory Team rider, is his compatriot Jonny Walker, KTM, and the American Cody Webb, Beta.  Off the podium, Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) and Ben Hemingway, together with the winnerswere honored for their endeavor. These are the best riders in the world, who have trained and grown in the “school” of
Hell’s Gate.