Hell’s Gate Metzeler

Hell’s Gate Metzeler

Focus: the participants


Valentin George Nita, born in Romania 23 years ago and for the past 10 years residing a few kilometers from Il Ciocco in Albiano (Barga, Lucca), will be a participant for the first time in the HsG race.

Here’s his story: Valentin has always been a motorcycle enthusiast. At the young age of 15, he would hop on his moped every afternoon, after school, and rush to the Fasola School mechanics shop, located inside the Il Ciocco Estate, to get his hands dirty with tar and discuss the world of motors.

As the years pass, the moped becomes a KTM-125 and Valentin becomes an able mechanic and an enduro rider who learns the trails of the Off-Road-Enclosure like the palm of his hands.


As it is customary in all respected training experiences, a transformation occurs: in 2014 our young man becomes a guide for the mountain tours organized by the Fasola School. Additionally, Valentin becomes a staff member of Hell’s Gate Metzeler, a legendary event created and organized for the first time in 2004 by Fabio Fasola himself. Transported into the world of extreme enduro by his friend Riccardo (Riccardo Piacenza is also participating in this year’s HsG Edition), in 2016 Valentin places 30th in The Wall competition which takes place in the province of Trento. In January, Valentin completes the second round in the French Alestrem.

February 18th is drawing near. This is the day our mascot will enthusiastically realize his dream of being one of 130 competitors at the starting line of the race he has always loved as a spectator.


Good luck Valentin!


In the photo Valentin George Nita with Riccardo Piacenza