HsG: Pure Adrenaline

HsG: Pure Adrenaline

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2016, the 13th edition of the international extreme enduro race held at Il Ciocco, concluded on Saturday, February 6th with lots of adrenaline, hill climbs and jumps proving, once again, that this event falls under the category of events "you don’t want to miss".


Final Result. 1. Wade Young, ZA, Sherco; 2. Graham Jarvis, GB, Husqvarna; 3. Mario Roman, SP, Husqvarna; 4. Diego Nicoletti, ITA, Beta.

5. Enockl; 6. Scholz; 7. Bosi; 8. Lenzi; 9. Salsench; 10. Bertl; 11. Freund;  12. Piacenza; 13. Stranghoner; 14. Benoit; 15. Diesel; 16. Schutz; 17. Scarpelli; 18. Graziani

The route crossed mud and rocks to the inviolable Hell’s Peak, crowded with spectators. And thanks to the spectators, as the tradition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler dictates, that with ropes and physical strength help the winner reach the final destination.