Hell's Gate Metzeler 2014

Hell's Gate Metzeler 2014

Save the date on your calendar for February 15th, 2014. The Extreme Enduro which has made even the extreme an extreme is on, as always, at Il Ciocco.


Mid February, a time of year that guarantees the ideal weather conditions to ensure, that once again, Hell’s Gate Metzeler transforms the hedonistic setting of the Serchio Valley into the unbearably fascinating enduro ordeal. No compromises, no kindness. And one thing is certain: not even the eleventh edition will be a paradise!


Last year, a week before the start of the tenth anniversary edition, Hell’s Gate was in danger. The mountain was inaccessible under a thick blanket of snow. The ice storm had made it difficult to reach even the less difficult sections of Fasola’s event. Less than three days before the start of the race, the sun had returned to bless one of the most picturesque corners of the Tuscan Apennines, the paths of hell was opened once again and Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2013 would become one of the most unmerciful and unforgiving editions.


Graham Jarvis won for the third time. Johnny Walker collapsed at the end of the impossible climb and saved second place just before being assailed by Cody Webb. Alfredo Gomez and Ben Hemingway were the last riders and heroes to overcome Hell’s Peak. Then…no one else.


Every year, from its first edition on, Hell’s Gate told us a little more. The first year, Hell’s Gate paved the way to a new sport concept creating something new, and for ten years Hell’s Gate Metzeler begins the Extreme season with an event that has become its trademark.