HsG: Pure Adrenaline

HsG: Pure Adrenaline

Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2014, the eleventh edition of the international
extreme enduro race held at Il Ciocco, concluded on Saturday, February 15th with lots of adrenaline, hill climbs and jumps proving, once again, that the Fabio Fasola event falls under the category of events "you don’t want
to miss"


Out of 130 participants, only two were able to overcome the initial difficulties of the test and “cross” the finish line.  Topping the podium, once again, is Graham Jarvis (United Kingdom) followed by Johnny Walker
who gave Jarvis a hard time in the qualifying round.


The route - 40 km in the morning, repeated 4 times with a special test (eliminatory race) and 40 km in the afternoon, repeated 4 times (final
race) – crossed streams and waterfalls to the inviolable Hell’s Peak, crowded with spectators.  And thanks to the spectators, as the tradition of Hell’s Gate Metzeler dictates, that with ropes and physical strength help
the winner reach the final destination.