Ghivizzano's magical night

Ghivizzano's magical night

On the 15th of December in Ghivizzano, in the Serchio Valley, the ancient Tower of Castruccio Castracani was inaugurated and opened to the
pubblic.  Immediately after, hundreds of participants animated the town for the 20th edition of the Nativity scene reinacted by the townspeople.
Ghivizzano Alto thus lived a double pre-Christmas event in one night which engaged the entire population and hundreds of people. A real blast from
the past with the inaugural ceremony for the reopening to the public of the Tower of Castruccio Castracani.  The monument underwent important restoration work as part of the renovation and requalification project of the fortresses and the fortifications of the Serchio Valley.

A beautiful photographic exhibition was set up inside the Tower on the 20 years of the Nativity scene reinactment that during the course of the
evening animated the small streets of Ghivizzano's historic center.

Ancient crafts, artegian shops, inns, taverns, not to mention the hundreds
of participants dressed in costumes to liven up the event which is one of
the highlights of the Serchio Valley Christmas season.

Source: NoiTv