Laser Tag National Finals at the Il Ciocco

Laser Tag National Finals at the Il Ciocco

Tactical games

With just two weeks to go until the Soft Air National Semi-Finals, on the calendar the first weekend of June, the Il Ciocco will be hosting another great event: the Sniper Laser Tag Championship Finals (June 20 and 21).


The game:  war simulation.  The objective and the means:  get on the top step of the podium by tagging each other to score points with the use of infrared technology; no worries, laser tag systems are not designed to cause discomfort or pain and are completely harmless to the players.  The setting: the estate of the Il Ciocco, the Living Mountain, that stretches for almost 700 hectares between the municipality of Barga and that of Fosciandora. 

To reach the finals of this two-day event will be well-trained teams from all over Italy…may the best team win!


What’s Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a recreational activity that can be played with a minimum of two people, it’s based on the simulation of non-violent tactical games and it’s an innovative way to play!

It uses the same tools (air soft gun) used in soft air, but rather than ejecting a bullet, it emits an infrared ray by means of an electronic device (An-Peq) and a projector.