Opera Barga Festival 2013

Opera Barga Festival 2013

The annual Opera Barga Festival will take place from Friday July 5th to the 14th with several interesting appointments dedicated to the opera and classical music.


The concerts will be held in the picturesque setting of the St. Elisabeth Cloister of Barga, (with the exception of the evening of July 10th when the Festival will move to the courtyard of the Beniamino in Fornaci di Barga).

On the 13th and 14th of July the first theatrical representation, set in modern times, of Alessandro Scarlatti’s “La Caduta di Gierusalemme” (The Fall of Jerusalem – Giovanni Paolo Colonna) will be playing at the Teatro dei Differenti. 

The Festival continues in Massa Carrara, between Bagnone and Castiglione del Terziere, up to the final evening of July 21st.