Hell's Point:  The Infernal Cabin

Hell's Point: The Infernal Cabin

Il Ciocco Estate, Barga, Lucca, Tuscany, 15-16-17 Febbruary


In occasion of Hell's Gate Metzeler 2013 and Hell's Gate Lite 2013 the Taverna dello Scoiattolo, renamed for the occasion as the Infernal
will open it's doors for three days, lunch and dinner, under the expertise guidance of Riccardo Negri, who, for many years, has run one
of the most appreciated restaurants of BargaL'Osteria.


Make a pit stop for lunch where you can enjoy a typical local meal made with local produce, fresh ingredients directly from the Valle del Serchio territory, and accompanied by a selection of local, tuscan, and national wines.


For info and reservations: 0583 769401 or 335 5387113 (Riccardo)
email: info@ciocco.it