Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

The 8th of March is not only a celebration but a day to remember and a time to inspire women.  In the years it has lost it's political character and it is a little more than a festive event. 

On this day, in 1908, 129 female workers died, burned alive, in a New York factory.  A few days prior to this date, these women protested
against the deplorable working conditions and discrimination they
were faced with on a daily basis.  The strike went on for a few days
until the company, the Cotton Textile Industry, in retaliation, blocked the exits of the factory impeding the 129 women from leaving the building...a
fire broke out leaving them prisoners of the flames.

It is worth reminding ourselves that International Women's Day is an international day of action in favor of women reflecting on the progress of women's social, political and economic rights while challenging remaining barriers such as discrimination in the workplace and violence.