Ricordando Marco Pantani. Road Bike Race

Ricordando Marco Pantani. Road Bike Race

Ricordando Marco Pantani

15th edition

This year, Il Ciocco will be the general headquarters of the 15th edition of “Ricordando Marco Pantani” (Remembering road-racing cyclist Marco Pantani), the road bike race in memory of Il Pirata (a.k.a. the Pirate) scheduled for Sunday, 17 February.

The cycling race (for info), organized by the GS Il Campanone sports group, has its rendezvous at Il Ciocco’s Living Mountain at 8 a.m. and starts at 10 a.m. for all cyclists.

The route, a 66,200-km ring that passes through several towns of the Serchio Valley, ends at the starting venue, Il Ciocco, with the climb that constituted the stage finish of the Giro d’Italia 4 times, starting in 1974.



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Information on the race: Giuseppe Del Sarto +39 347 2610927