Autumn flavors:  what’s happening in the Serchio Valley

Autumn flavors: what’s happening in the Serchio Valley

During the month of October autumn flavors are the true protagonists of the Serchio Valley  – products born of tradition – with wine and food events.


To begin, on Sunday, October 6th the eighth edition of the “Festa della Zucca of Piegaio” (Pescaglia) took place as well as the “Castagnate" in Metello (Castelnuovo di Garfagnana) and in San Romano Garfagnana.


If you missed the chestnuts on the 6th you have a second chance on the second Sunday of the month in Castiglione, Cascio (Molazzana), Castelnuovo, Convalle (Pescaglia) and Trassilico (Gallicano).


On the same day “Borgo della Poesia” will be held at Castelvecchio Pascoli (Barga) in the home of the poet.  It is a special tasting itinerary between culture and tradition. 


Next in line are the towns of Careggine, Pieve Fosciana, Sassi (Molazzana), Sillano and Colognora (Pescaglia) with something for everyone on the 20th.


On the same day, for the joy of wine lovers, don’t miss the “Festa del Vino” in Riana with handmade crafts market, contests, games and local food and wine stands that will liven the streets of the town.


To close the festivities of October … more chestnuts at the “mondinate” of Bolognana and Gallicano.


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