Explore the mountain at Il Ciocco and its surroundings on the saddle of an Ebike

Explore the mountain at Il Ciocco and its surroundings on the saddle of an Ebike

From an idea by two friends with a passion for open-air sports, but above all, fascinated by the beauty of our territory, Val di Lima E-bike was born.

They are Manuel Micheli and Giovanni Giuliani. Let’s get to know a bit about them and their world.


M&G) We thought of the bike as an ecological and fast means of transport that allows traveling important distances and differences in height. In Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley, these differences reach and exceed 1,300 meters in altitude: what better way than the E-bike, i.e. the bike with pedal assistance, to tackle these routes with minimum fatigue? The E-bike is a “user-friendly” means that allows reaching destinations that would otherwise be impossible without a focused athletic preparation.


Every Thursday at Il Ciocco, you will be the guides of “E-Ciocco, avventure in MTB”, a tour in the Living Mountain on the saddle of an E-bike


M&G) Yes. We will explore Il Ciocco Estate and its surroundings at a pace that the group itself will decide. We will leave from Locanda Alla Posta and after an initial trial stage, continue on, climbing and descending through tree-lined paths, toward more demanding landscapes, arriving in Lama, a large and suggestive clearing, 1,000 meters above sea level. At this point, a well-deserved pause and – why not – a snack under the shade of secular trees immersed in a deep quiet interrupted only by the singing of the birds.

Just a few technical details on the bikes made available to the participants of the tour: they have a Shimano motor and battery integrated in the 500-Wh frame, front and rear shock absorbers, 27.5-plus tires. Front and rear disc brakes and forks with a 130mm to 140 travel.


So this is a chance to get acquainted with Il Ciocco Park, but not only…


M&G) Yes, not only for the itinerary chosen, but also because Il Ciocco’s Living Mountain embodies all the natural and landscape characteristics of the Valley it is part of. Just think of the position of the Estate itself, set between the majesty of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines straddling Tuscany and Emilia, and the wide array of plant species, of colors and scents offered by a truly luxurious vegetation.