Emma's third Live

Emma's third Live

The third Live Show of X Factor 8 aired on Thursday, November 6th  


Although she had to radically change genres, Emma Morton came
through with a brilliantly executed performance in this third Live Show.
She took the stage with a song by Moloko, Sing It Back; a close to
perfect performance if not absolutely perfect.


From swing to dance and beyond…Emma Morton has proved to be a true talent.


Fedez comments, “After two very elegant performances you were less refined, more aggressive and more real.”


“I thought you were a sentimental singer, but you are fundamentally rock;
in the good sense of the word. You have unleashed new colors in your voice that I have not yet heard; the best vocal performance tonight,” adds Morgan.


The Over 25 category successfully passes to the third episode of the Live Show. Emma Morton with her mentor, Mika, are back tonight continuing to receive positive feedback from both judges and public of the talent show
on Sky Uno.