Emma: Live, tonight, on Sky!

Emma: Live, tonight, on Sky!

We would not be writing an article on the first live episode of the talent show X-Factor (scheduled to air tonight at 9:10 pm on Sky) if she weren’t there; Emma Morton, the beautiful 28 year old singer born in Scotland and living in Barga for the past five years.


Advancing through the selection stages with flying colors, from the boot-camp to the home visit (“We needed you”, Mika told her after a very original reinterpretation of Pop Porno), Emma will take to the stage tonight as a contestant of the over 25s category presided by the anglo-lebanese “judge”.


Stylish, feminine, seemingly shy, but mainly talented, Emma in her rise to fame on X-Factor has made us feel a whole lot of emotions with her enthusiastic versions, episode after episode. 


Her song choices, never predictable nor ordinary, and her voice, sweet yet powerful, so swing put also pop, have won over judges and audience alike right from the beginning.


Good luck Emma! We’ll root for you!!!