It’s Bennato’s turn at Il Ciocco!!!

It’s Bennato’s turn at Il Ciocco!!!

After Minghi's amazing performance (February 7th), it's Bennato's turn (March 7th).


Standing ovation for Amedeo Minghi on Saturday at the Auditorium Theatre (Il Ciocco, Barga) for his national, opening night Concert accompanied by Luca Perroni and Cinzia Gangarella on piano and Giandomenico Anellino on guitar.


A successful evening in which Minghi retraced his career as a singer-songwriter, sharing with us the music and texts  he also wrote for other important singers of the Italian music scene.   Minghi performed crowd pleasers and  greatests hits like ‘1950’, ‘La Vita Mia’ (My Life), ‘Notte Magnifica’(A Magnificent Night). Also in the lineup was the song dedicated to Pope Wojtyle, ‘Un Uomo Venuto da Lontano’ (A Man Who Came From afar) and the song dedicated to his recently deceased wife, ‘Io Non Ti Lascerò Mai’ (I Will Never Leave You).  The enthusiastic public paid homage to the singer with two standing ovations.


The “Unplugged d’Autore” Festival will close with Edoardo Bennato’s Italian Rock ‘n’ roll on Saturday, March 7th (general admission €25).  You can purchase the tickets on line at, or at the Castelnuovo di Garfagnana Pro Loco and at Itinera in Piazzale Verdi, Lucca. 


For information please call 342.5065342 or 0583.7691