A Double Sunset in Barga

A Double Sunset in Barga

In November as well as at the end of January 2018, in some parts of the Serchio Valley, a natural spectacle will repeat itself with a display of colors and lights that you do not want to miss, the “double sunset”!


An illusion consented by the huge cyclopean arch that characterizes the Monte Forato of our Apuan Alps.


This unique and yearly event attracts many tourist and photography enthusiasts alike, particularly to the churchyard of Barga’s cathedral. Initially, the sun sets behind the mountain and then returns, for the last

time, to shine through the natural window that it traverses.


You can view this particular event from Barga between November 10 and 12 (the official date is - weather permitting - the 11th) and in the new year, at the end of January, between 29 and 31.