Rally Raid Course

Rally Raid Course

The first Off-Road Rally Raid Course will take place at the Palasport, in Luras, Sardegna, on September 4th and 5th.


The event is organized by the L.R.T. Sardinia that, after last April’s successful 24 hour Tour Terrain of Italy, is ready for a new motorsport event!

At the meeting, organized in collaboration with the drivEvent Mitsubishi Driving School and the Lurese Driving Association, only the first 25 members enrolled will participate in order to ensure high quality standards during the practical tests. The course will be both theoretical and practical allowing you to immediately put into practice what you will learn in the classroom and will conclude with a race simulation.


The most outstanding participant will have the opportunity of taking part in the second edition of the 24 Hour Tout Terrain of Italy on April 1-3, 2016.