Corrado Tedeschi is back at the Alfieri Theater

Corrado Tedeschi is back at the Alfieri Theater

Corrado Tedeschi, with his charm and skill, is back again this year at the Teatro Alfieri of Castelnuovo Garfagnana.


He will be presenting a new show playfully entitled "Non dovevamo parlar d'amor" (We shouldn't have spoken of love) on stage Saturday, 13 April at 9:15 p.m.


A play completely concentrated on one of the most important feelings - Love.  This time it will be treated with irony and sarcasm so that we may analyze it from a less travelled perspective leaving room for a less serious and traditional reinterpretation of the classics.


Corrado Tedeschi is known and loved by the general public mainly for his brilliant career as a television host for television programms such as 
Canale 5 Doppio Slalom
, Il Gioco delle Coppie, Miss Italia 1986,
Studio Sport
, Italia 1 Sport, Raffaella Carrà show e Cominciamo bene.