2017 Euhofa Congress

2017 Euhofa Congress

Il Ciocco will be the general headquarters of the 56th International Euhofa Congress, association that counts over 200 members coming from 50 countries with the goal of creating a meeting and exchange platform to further knowledge and training in the realm of reception and hospitality.


It is one of the most important international entities in the field of tourism and represents 140 training institutions between hotel schools, colleges and universities.

The 2017 Congress is curated by the Fondazione Campus of Lucca – Euhofa partner – and is scheduled to take place from 8 to 12 November. The event, entitled “The emotion of Tuscan Hospitality”, will be the chance for participants to personally assess a hospitality proposal in a modern key.


Il Ciocco will host the first meetings of the Congress, which will then continue with visits to the Serchio Valley, Lucca and Pisa, while the Fondazione Campus will hold the academic sessions with the involvement of the students.

“The opportunity to welcome the directors of the best hospitality schools, colleges and universities in the world”, comments Professor Enrica Lemmi, course director at Fondazione Campus and president of the 2017 Congress (in the photo together with other members of the Direction Board), “is very exciting for us and represents a great opportunity to promote our territory thanks to the visibility generated by the presence of tour operators having a consolidated international experience.”