Two local excellences featured in the NYT

Two local excellences featured in the NYT

Two exceptional destinations of the Serchio Valley were featured in a NYT article published on October 24 entitled “The Italian Winemakers’ Cult” by Danielle Pergament.


They are Podere Concori of Gabriele Da Prato and the Locanda di Mezzo of Francesco Piacentini and Giulio Turriani.  


The feature article is a journey inside the world of Italian biodynamic winemakers, that is to say, winemakers that rely on a specific celestial calendar to set the pace for their production.


This journey begins on DaPrato’s farm in Fiattone (province of Lucca) where he and the journalist meet. Exploring the different wine labels, DaPrato’s method’s and the tasting that followed the visit of the vineyard were described in detail.

Three restaurants where one can enjoy excellent wines in Tuscany received a mention at the end of the article. Among them is the Locanda
di Mezzo of Barga


We would like to congratulate the winemaker DaPrato and the team Piacentin/Turriani for upholding the honor and esteem of our territory and use the quote chosen by the journalist to end her interview:


The biggest misconception is that this is witchcraft. It is not witchcraft,”
Mr. da Prato had said to me, smiling for a moment. “Well, maybe a little.