An all “Sold Out” concert for Giandomenico Anellino featuring Claudia Gerini

An all “Sold Out” concert for Giandomenico Anellino featuring Claudia Gerini

An original and successful combination of artists on the stage of the Auditorium Theatre for the first of the Unplugged d’Autore festival held within the Ciocco Estate on November 29th.


Maestro Giandomenico Anellino, has been defined by many as a one
man orchestra. As he masterfully plays his guitar you are under the impression of hearing different kinds of instruments, as he guided the audience on a musical journey from the international music classics to the Italian singer/songwriter hits. A splendid Claudia Gerini, Italian actress,
for this occasion accompanied the maestro in song.


The artistic direction of the Unplugged d’Autore Festival, an innovative and experimental laboratory that celebrates the 30th anniversary of Videomusic (the first European music television), has been entrusted to
the same Anellino.


Upcoming Unplugged d’Autore concert dates: January 24 Talent Night”, an evening featuring young Italian talents; February 7 Amedeo Minghi, premiering nationally on this occasion, accompanied by pianoforte and guitar; March 7, the king of Italian Rock, Edoardo Bennato (info line: 342:5065342 - 0583.7691; ticket pre-sale on:, Teatro del Giglio Lucca, Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco, ProLoco Castelnuovo).  Also coming up at the Auditorium Theatre are three traditional
appointments: New Year’s Eve Concert (“Let it BeAtles”, January 1), Epiphany Gala (January 5) and the Pentolaccia Party (February 21).


photo credit: Foto Borghesi