Simonetti Caturegli team wins!

Simonetti Caturegli team wins!

It’s with their Renault Clio R3 that the couple Simonetti - Caturegli has won the 6th edition of the “12 Ore Il Ciocco”, the rally competition that, after a two years stop, has taken place in the Valle del Serchio on the 24th of August (the heart of the event has been Fornaci di Barga).

Performances, competitiveness and a continue research of innovation, as shown by the circuit designed in the Ciocco Estate, have been the highlights of an edition full of expectations.

The race was held on two stages crossed three times ("Renaio" and "Ciocco") and has been arranged by the Sport Event Organization, with a 75 registered plateau and with the new formula “Rally-Day”, ment to containe organitational costs even for competitors.

Next appointment with Ciocco’s Rally will be for the 20th and 21st December with the 23rd edition of  “Il Ciocchetto”.

Final placement (Top five): 1. Simonetti-Caturegli (Renault Clio R3); 2. Vanni-Ori (Renault Clio S1600); 3. Bettarini-Ferrari (Renault Clio R3); 4. Volpi-Ferrari (Renault Clio R3); 5. Panzani-Baldacci (Renault Twingo R2)