Betamotor: a premiere at Il Ciocco

Betamotor: a premiere at Il Ciocco

Il Ciocco was the venue for the presentation to the international press of the RR my 2019, the new motorcycle by the Tuscan company Betamotor, launched on the market in an even broader range of models compared to the past.


At the Il Ciocco Studios located within the Estate, chosen as the location for the launch by the Managers of the motorcycle manufacturer due to the great appeal it enjoys throughout the world in the two wheels off-road scenario (every year Il Ciocco hosts Hell’s Gate, the consolidated extreme enduro race), a further refined and evolved product from a technical point of view was illustrated.


And updates on the entire range were on show, too, deriving in particular from the great experience directly on the race fields where in recent years Beta has conquered several world titles.

Present at the conference were the champions Steve Holcombe and Christophe Charlier.


The new models will be available starting in mid-June.


Photo Credit Gianni Nuzzi