The Befana comes from Barga

The Befana comes from Barga

The Befana will soon be here,

she comes from the mountains in the deep of the night.

How tired is she! Surrounded by snow so white,

ice and the cold North Wind air.

                        Giovanni Pascoli, “The Befana”, 1897


Folk songs, long stockings hanging from the fireplace waiting to be filled with candy (if you have been good) or a lump of coal (if you have
been naughty), and the traditional door to door in the hopes of receiving a small gift of money or candy.


The Befana, a folkloric figure that rides a worn down broom and
bestower of gifts, is an old Italian tradition that is celebrated in Barga on the 5th and 6th of January of every year.


It is, in fact, right on the mountains of Barga that the nice, little, old lady lives since 2004.


The festivities in Barga begin in the afternoon of January 5th when the Befana, with headscarf and burlap sack on her back, leaves her little wooden house in the chestnut woods of Pegnana to arrive in the historical center of Barga. A charming and magical atmosphere surround the
children, dressed as “Befanotto”, that anxiously await her arrival.


Mulled Wine, entertainment, culinary specialties and lots of surprises.

From 9pm, in Piazza del Teatro, live music and open bar. 


Again in Pegnana, on January 6th, the Befana, with her inseparable donkey, will open the doors of her home to all those who wish to stop by for a visit.