Barga Jazz Club  New Season Opening

Barga Jazz Club New Season Opening

The countdown has begun for the Barga Jazz Club’s new season which promises plenty of great music!

With a fresh new board of directors made up of many new and young faces, among them Elisabetta Gianasi, president.

The club is opening its doors once again with a series of concerts beginning on Friday, October 7th.

The music continues every Friday night until late spring. You don’t want to miss a thing!


This is what’s happening in October

Concert time 9:00 pm


October 7 R’n’B Opening Party (jam session) 

October 14 bLess (Alinari/Grossi/Scarpettini)

October 21 InField Fly Quartet (Scardino, Cattano, Anelli, Paoletti)

October 28 BJC (jam session)