Bagno Milena in Viareggio

Bagno Milena in Viareggio

Bagno Milena, the Versilia you fall in love with


Bagno Milena (Terrazza della Repubblica, Viareggio), is under new management and ready to welcome guests with an upcoming season rich
in hospitality and amenities.


The beach resort offers an array of activities to do on your own or with friends: catamaran and trimaran rides with dolphin watching, surf lessons, swimming lessons and water aerobics in the pool.


What’s cooking? Local delights and new flavours.


Day or night we have something for everyone. After a day of fun in the sun enjoy your evening with a cocktail on the beach or poolside, themed
dinners or dinner with your feet in the water, romantic evenings or entertainment shows with live music.


Discounts for our regular customers.