Artcambarga, until September 16th in Barga

Artcambarga, until September 16th in Barga

The events seem to never end this summer in BargaOn August 16th Artcambarga kicked off with an ambitious project -  6 talented artists and their videos.


“The 30 minute films will run on a constant loop, 24/24, on six large monitors positioned in strategic places in Barga Vecchia - explains Keane, one of the artists involved –. In my case we are talking about a short film that I shot vertically..  It is a video for the distracted eye of the passerby, where destruction and creation intertwine without a solution or a continuity”.   


The B&B Acchiappasogni, the main window of Vaso di Pandora Concept Store, the Galleria Marzocco, inside Palazzo Pancrazi, a studio window  at Porta Reale and just inside Casa Cordati will be screening short films by Fabrizio Da Prato, Keane, Giorgia Madiai, Paola Marchi, Nicola Salotti and Alessandro Stefani.

The only thing in common between the films:  the artist’s creativity.


In Paola Marchi and Fabrizio Da Prato’s videos we will see the artists at work, while Alessandro Stefani presents a documentary on the backstage of the 2011 Giambattista Valli fashion show - a designer who, in the fashion world, has  been baptized the new Valentino.  Giorgia Madiai opens a window onto a white kitchen an all that pertains to it while Nicola Salotti presents a hybrid journey between traditional art and video art.


This project will not begin and end with this year’s summer season,  but it is aiming at becoming the first of a series of ambitious projects:  a Short Film Festival dedicated to Gualtiero Jacopetti, a farsighted and very controversial  film director that went  forgotten in his native Barga.  Mondo Cane and Africa Addio are two of his films.

“In this fast evolution of new technologies we would like to make a film festival that is open to all – adds Keane –. We would like that future selections be made on the web in front of a world audience".